Our new concept in teaching of English Language is unique and flexible which ensure perfect retention of content involving purely psychological and scientific methods. It is entirely different from the traditional and stress full way of school/college type of English learning.

English as a spoken language is perhaps the most widely respected language and has gained the class & status unparalleled by any other language in the world. In countries like India, quality and fluency of English is considered a guaranteed success for making one`s career.

A – Basic Courses

  • Fundamentals of English language
  • Conversation based garammer
  • Situational application of grammer
  • English in social situations-Greetings, Etiquettes and manners
  • Practical Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Accent, Differences between British and American English, Group discussion, Personality development, Interview skills, Presentation skills-self presentation, Use of body language, Public speaking sessions, Before and after class conversation drills.


Our Address:

American Institute of English Language, 15-LG, Indraprashtha tower, 6, M.G. Road, Indore