VBBP School has an excellent team of teachers, mentors and trainers. Teachers are well qualified and experienced. They are energetic, active, optimistic and ever willing to walk the extra mile. The school also has excellent trainers of Karate, Dance, Music etc. There are departments for every subject with departmental heads working with total commitment to bring in the best results.

Our teachers are all computers savvy and handle the multimedia with ease and elan. Teachers are sent for different workshops. Educationists and trainers are invited to our school to conduct workshops. In this way VBBP School aims to have well educated, confident teachers who can care for the generation next.

Natural Surveillance – “See and be seen.” Arranging physical features to maximize visibility, if people know they can be seen, they are less likely to engage in disorderly, violent, or illegal activity. If they do, others will see them and be able to de-escalate the situation or call for help.

Natural Access Control – “Who gets in and who gets out.” Guiding people to areas where you want them to go and out of areas where you don’t. For example, having well-marked entrances and exits, guiding visitors to the central office first.

Proper Maintenance – “Fix what is not up to the mark and is hazardous.” Taking care to ensure building services function properly and safely. For example, removing litter and graffiti promptly; fixing broken windows or doors; keeping hallways clear of junk; caring for landscaping. It is well known that “signs of disorder” attract disorderly behaviour that may turn into violent acts.

Training and Awareness – “Remedial tools” Organizing Training and awareness for Students and all teaching and non teaching staff beyond skill development.


Our Address:

Vidya Bal Bhawan Public School, Kondli Gharoli Road, Mayur Vihar III, Delhi 110096


28.6086202, 77.33037519999993